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Bawarchi (translation: The Chef) is a 1972 Indian musical comedy-drama film directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee starring Rajesh Khanna and Jaya Badhuri with Asrani, A.K. 

Hangal, Usha Kiran and Durga Khote in supporting roles. This was a remake of Rabi Ghosh starrer Bengali film Galpo Holeo Satti (1966) by Tapan Sinha.The film was ranked the eight highest-grossing film of the year 1972. 

In an interview, Khanna quoted “In ‘Bawarchi’ I did exactly the opposite of what Hrishida had made me do in ‘Anand’. He allowed me to interpret the role and perform my way. 

I had done enough intense roles, and ‘Bawarchi’ gave me the opportunity to interpret and perform the role the way I wanted. So I let myself go.

Mukherjee’s style here is typical, in that the film contains no violence, and focuses rather on “the milieu of the Indian middle-class who have larger-than-life foibles and whose major concern is to survive the day  which bahu will cook, which brother will use the bathroom first, who will get up first to make the morning tea, etc. Khanna won his second BFJA Awards for Best Actor (Hindi) for his performance in this film.

The movie is a remake of the Bengali film Galpo Holeo Satti (1966) by Tapan Sinha. The film was remade in Tamil as Samayalkaaran with M. K. Muthu. 

It was remade twice in Kannada – first as Sakala Kala Vallabha, starring Shashikumar and second as No 73, Shanthi Nivasa, with Sudeep. It served as a great inspiration for the 1997 Hindi film Hero No. 1.

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