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The Boss Baby is a 2017 American computer-animated comedy film[4] produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox. 

Loosely based on the 2010 picture book of the same name by Marla Frazee,[5] the film was directed by Tom McGrath, from a screenplay by Michael McCullers, and stars the voices of Alec Baldwin as the title character, along with Miles Bakshi, Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, and Tobey Maguire. 

The first installment in The Boss Baby franchise, the plot follows a boy helping his baby brother who is a secret agent in the war for adults’ love between babies and puppies.

The Boss Baby premiered at the Miami International Film Festival on March 12, 2017, and was released on March 31.[6] The film received mixed reviews from critics upon release, who praised its animation and voice performances, but criticized its humor and confusing premise; it grossed $528 million worldwide against its $125 million budget. 

The film received Best Animated Feature nominations at the Academy Awards, Annie Awards, and Golden Globes.


A man named Tim Templeton tells a story about his imaginative seven-year-old self and his parents, Ted and Janice. One day, Tim is surprised when an infant wearing a business suit arrives at his house in a taxi, and Ted and Janice refer to him as Tim’s little brother. Tim is envious of the attention the day-old baby receives, and suspicious because of the infant’s clothes and the strange behavior he exhibits around Tim, but his parents are oblivious.

Soon, Tim learns that the baby can talk like an adult, and he introduces himself as “The Boss”. Seeing an opportunity to get rid of him, Tim decides to use a cassette tape to record a conversation between Boss Baby and other toddlers who are at Tim’s house for a meeting, under the guise of a play date in the eyes of the parents. 

In this meeting, Boss Baby explains that puppies have been receiving more love than babies and is in search of a new file containing evidence of a new puppy from Puppy Co., a company that launches new products for dogs, intends to release. 

Before they can finish, they catch Tim spying on them. A chase ensues, and Boss Baby threatens to tear up Tim’s favorite stuffed animal, Lam-Lam. Tim tries to slingshot Boss Baby out of a window, but is caught by his parents, and accidentally slingshots the cassette tape outside of the house before it is destroyed by a passing automobile. 

With no evidence to support him, Tim’s parents ground him until he becomes friends with Boss Baby.

Boss Baby apologizes to Tim and has him suck on a pacifier that transports them to Baby Corp., a place where infants with adult-like minds work to preserve infant love everywhere. 

Boss Baby explains that he was sent to see why puppies are being loved more than infants and that he has infiltrated Tim’s residence because his parents work for Puppy Co., which will unleash the new puppy on a pet convention in Las Vegas. 

Boss Baby remains intelligent by drinking a “Secret Baby Formula”, which enables a baby to act like an adult; however, should a baby not drink it after a period of time, he or she becomes a regular baby. 

When they overhear Boss Baby’s boss threatening to fire him for not bringing in information, which would strip him of his formula and strand him at the Templetons, he and Tim agree to work together to prevent that.

Tim’s parents undo his punishment and take the brothers to Puppy Co. for take your child to work day. While there, they slip away and find what they assume is the plans for a “Forever Puppy”, but they are captured by the company’s founder and CEO, Francis E. Francis. 

They discover that Francis used to be the head of Baby Corp., and whom Boss Baby idolizes. Francis reveals that he intends to have the Forever Puppies overshadow babies by stealing Boss Baby’s serum bottle and injecting the puppies with it as revenge for being fired from Baby Corp., since it was discovered that his secret formula stopped working due to his lactose intolerance. 

Tim’s parents go with Francis to Vegas, and Francis has his brother Eugene pose as Tim and Boss Baby’s babysitter to keep them from interfering.

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