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Kadaram Kondan is a 2019 Indian Tamil language action thriller film directed by Rajesh M. Selva and produced by Kamal Haasan. The film stars Vikram in the lead role and Akshara Haasan and Abi Hassan in supporting roles. It was shot between September 2018 and January 2019, and was released on July 19, 2019, along with its Telugu dubbed version, Mr. KK. It is an official remake of the 2010 French film Point Blank.

A middle-aged man leaves an office in the Petronas Towers after a botched robbery, while being pursued by two assassins. When cornered, the man is hit by a bicycle and seriously injured, leaving him in a coma.

Meanwhile, Vasu Rajagopalan, a doctor who recently moved to Kuala Lumpur along with his pregnant wife Aatirah, is assigned to the hospital where the comatose robber was admitted. After spoiling an assassination attempt on the thief’s life, he contacts the police, who assign the case to Inspector Kalpana Rangaswamy. She gives Vasu her contact number, and advises him to call her if he finds anything suspicious. Upon returning home, a man attacks Vasu and knocks him unconscious, before kidnapping Aatirah. When Vasu regains consciousness, he receives a call from the attacker, who orders him to release the thief from the hospital in exchange for Aatirah. Meanwhile, Kalpana discovers the identity of the thief: KK, a known criminal and former police officer wanted for theft and smuggling. She rushes to the hospital with her associates, Navin and Catherine, narrowly missing Vasu, who had managed to exfiltrate KK from the hospital.

Kalpana’s rival team, led by Deputy Commissioner Vincent Rajadurai, known for his brutal way of solving criminal cases, is also hot on the heels of the KK case. He explains to Kalpana that KK is related to the recent murder of a wealthy industrialist and warns her to step aside, to which she refuses. Meanwhile, Vasu demands that KK release Aatirah at KL Sentral, in exchange for him being safely delivered, to which he agrees. At the exchange point, Aatirah and KK are almost about to be exchanged, but the two assassins who had chased KK earlier arrive, forcing the duos to escape. The assailant leads Aatirah back to her hiding place, but he is killed by the two assassins, who abduct Aatirah by force. 


  • Vikram as KK, a criminal who previously used several pseudonyms
  • Akshara Haasan as Aatirah
  • Abi Hassan as Vasu Rajagopalan
  • Lena as Kalpana Rengaswamy
  • Vikas Shrivastav as Vincent Rajadurai
  • Puravalan as Navin
  • Ravindra Vijay as Umar Ahamed
  • Cherry Mardia as Catherine Williams
  • Rajesh Kumar as Amaldas David, Chief of Police

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